The love of the Corfiots for the sea is known since the ancient years. From the historical period and the tradition their naval skills came to light. The emblem of Corfu and the Region of the Ionian Islands shows that Corfu and Sea go together.

Since 1902 Filathlitikos Corfu Club, which in 1935 was renamed to NAOK, activated actions which connect people with the sea. Today the club is operating in the fields of sailing, rowing, swimming, water polo, spearfishing and special activities. Inspires and motivates every day more than 300 young athletes, 900 members and  thousands of friends.


22 Mar, 2017
Αήττητη η ομάδα πόλο του ΝΑΟΚ συνεχίζει στη δεύτερη φάση

Πολύ καλή η εμφάνιση του Ομίλου στην Ά φάση του Πρωταθλήματος Υδατοσφαίρισης

15 Mar, 2017
Rotary honours NAOK

9 Mar, 2017
optimist for the future

Με αισιοδοξία ατενίζει το μέλλον της ιστιοπλοΐας ο Όμιλος ύστερα από το Περιφερειακό Πρωτάθλημα Optimist & Laser 4.7 Β. Ελλάδας 2017

6 Mar, 2017
Big Smiles at the Club after the good results at the Winter Swim Games

Νέες διακρίσεις για τους κολυμβητές του Ομίλου

The emblem of Corfu and the Region of the Ionian Islands is a boat without a rudder which symbolizes the great naval capacity of its inhabitants.